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When I had the age of 16 Kiss came with their hit "I was made for loving you" - and I thought it was just great.  For me it was the perfect mixture of pop and some rougher elements.  The first concert I ever went to was them, with as supporting act some band called Iron Maiden.  Pf.  Silly name.  Must be a silly band.  Well, the impression they made was not exactly silly, and I've seen them several times since.

I tried making pictures every time.  Some times better than others, some times with more difficulties than on other occasions.  The camera I used was not exactly a small pocket size...  In the end I openly took it to the entrance, they wanted to take it, I refused and said I could let it in the cloakroom.  And halfway the support act, or just after it, I just exchanged my ticket for my camera, and walked in into the concert hall.  Unchecked ;-)

And here are some of the results:



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