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About this site...

This site is created using FrontPage and some manual interventions.  And as you probably noticed, my provider has happily added some banners.  Please click on them once in a while, it helps keeping this site free.  For you it's just a click, for my provider it's money, and for me it's the freedom to show you what you're browsing now.

The idea for a site began to grow when I started to wonder how on earth to drag the attention of a possible employer in Sweden, if I couldn't be there myself to actively look for something.  So at first I thought of making a site like so many of my colleagues around the world, with not much more than a resume.  In my case I just wanted to show one of my assets in this market: the knowledge (in various gradations..) of five languages, that's why you'll find bits in Dutch (my mother tongue) and Swedish too. To be honest, up to now my role is limited to just typing, while the bulk of the translation to svenska has been done by Annika. Right now my Swedish is just too limited. The result could be a really funny site, but not the way I intended it ;-)

And then I stumbled upon an error in a comic, and I wondered if there were more.  Oh yes there are.  And I wondered if anyone had ever bothered to list them?  Seems not.  Only for Tintin I found a few sites, and it seems as if they copied from each other, using the same images even.  So I got a good theme for a site, and I could then as well add a little about myself, including things like a resume.

But comics alone felt a bit "thin", and since I like discussing books and literature, I added some of them too.  You'll find both the reading topics under "Time Off".  Well, actually I'm still adding, and most likely I'll keep on adding as long as this site lives.  In the beginning I seriously underestimated the work for organizing the 1300 comics I had when starting.  A few weeks of scanning and so...  I'm a bit more realistic now.  Several months, maybe even years...

Come back soon, what isn't there today is maybe there next week!




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