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About the things I read and so..

Ever since I was really really small I read everything I could lay my hands on.  I used to read weekly magazines like "Donald Duck" and "The Flintstones" until they fell apart.

Later, when we moved to Waasmunster I was introduced to "Kuifje" (=Tintin), a weekly magazine for the young of 7-77 years old.  I fitted that :-)  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the kid that was sitting quietly in a corner while the others were out to play.  I could just as much enjoy Lego on a rainy day, or explore the woods around where we lived with my friends.  But just as well I could forget time with something to read, in the couch or in the sun. 

Over the years I collected a few hundred novels and short stories, and well over a thousand comics.  European comics, to be precise, I never really liked the Superman-Hulk-Spiderman style of stories, and Manga doesn't appeal to me at all.  But hey, that's me, I don't think any is better or worse than the other.

So here you'll find some of the things I read (in due time I hope to get everything here, but re-reading and scanning 1300 comics takes some time so there is some white space to fill...), and try to describe how I think about them.  I hope I can inspire you to try some of the things I enjoyed, maybe you can do the same with me?



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