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My comic collection

Comics may be an art according to me, that doesn't mean they don't contain bloopers, the translations are error-free or the printing is perfect.  On the contrary!  Check my Errors section!

Today we have...
1473 comics
1889 errors

Some call comics the 9th art.  And for some it is a waste of paper, and it will lead the children that read it to stupidity and violence.  Some are a waste of the paper they are printed on, but nobody stops you from leaving them in the shop and buying something decent in stead.  Because there are a lot that are pure gems.  Some as strong individual stories, some as fascinating series.  Some for the genial simplicity of their drawings and stories, some for the strong story-telling, some for beautiful, almost painting-like drawings.  And if you're really lucky you can find all of that in one.

Here you'll find my collection.  Some I bought because I liked them as a child, some I discovered very recently.  Some series let me hungrily wait for the next episode, some series I just keep buying to have it complete.  Anyway.  Enjoy the exploring. Just click on the alphabet above.up


Don't forget to have a look at my pictures of the comic paintings on walls scattered throughout Brussels!


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