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So you want to know what I do for a living?

Initially I was destined to become a cook, but I found out in time that this was nothing for me.  So I rolled gently into the IT business.  My first steps I took in a third party maintenance company, in the warehouse.  One day they asked if I could install a few video-adapters, instead of sending the separate bits and pieces to the customer as we usually did.  I said I'd try. 

Thirteen years later I hold a few certificates, and I'm slowly moving towards pure consultancy.  Not bad.  After a while one gets tired of installing the umpteenth service pack, or watching a RAID disk set expand itself for a few hours, at a time when most other people are enjoying dinner with their kids.  I guess I'm combining a pile of consolidated experience with some matureness and stress resistance no school can teach you.

I like sharing that piled up knowlegde and experience, in several ways.  In Techrepublic for instance you can find a guy called JimBb answering questions or participating in dicussions (amongst a few thousands of others).  I think it's fun.  Despite the fact that some people take a lot without giving anything (good answers are supposed to be rewarded with points) - it takes all kinds I suppose.  And the few that take the time to write a small note saying "It worked!" sure match up for all the others - they can sparkle up a dull day.

And my nephew's school - I spent 4 years of my juvenile life in the same school - wanted to have a website, but didn't know how to do that.  So I mentioned that if they didn't find anyone else, I would do it.  They promptly stopped looking :-)  It's a simple thing, but I'm pleased with the result.  The quality of some pictures could be better, but we'll update them soon.  I don't know much about scripting or Java or so, but I wouldn't mind doing the same again some time.

When I was 25 I thought that 35 was old in this business.  I'm beyond that now.  And I still enjoy it, I guess because some parts of me stayed 25 all the time.  Except my hair ;-)  So I don't know if I really would like to start thinking of ending my career, and go look for a nice 9-to-5 job.  Not yet at least.  I don't feel the need anymore to know about all the latest evolutions, but it still tickles me enough to keep myself informed and up to date about the things that really interest me.  And as long as one is curious and interested, I guess one is learning and evolving.   And that means one isn't too old to do anything.

So, what holds the future for me?  Dunno.  We'll see.

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