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Errors in comics

There are currently 1889 errors in the database.

Finding errors in comics is easy.  After all, it's just a series of drawings, no wonder there are differences.  But I went a bit further, and what you'll find here ranges from translation errors to big time bloopers.

The comics are sorted according to their published name, or if it hasn't been published in English (to my knowledge), according to their translated name.  So no "Winch, Largo", you would find that one under the "L".  If I find an error in it ;-)  Be patient, there are images for everything, and it may take its time to load.  Click on a thumbnail to see the evidence...

I started this when I noticed a bulldozer riding without a driver in Michel Vaillant's "Km. 357".  "Odd", I thought.  Jean Graton draws pretty accurately, certainly the vehicles.  Would there be more like this?  You bet there is.  I think I have enough to make some artists blush ;-)  But hey, anyone can make a mistake, and according to me they don't do harm to the stories as such.

By the way, I found a lot of the errors here myself, but not all.  Check my credits page to see where I found some, or who took the time to show me one.  Or more ;-)



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