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And mixed with that I'll do my best to bring you some other interesting articles about things related - closely or remotely ;-) - to this site.



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I dislike spam just as much as I'm sure you do too.  And whenever I subscribe to a newsletter I'm just as concerned as you probably are: who will do what with my email-address?  Here is some info about what kind of information I can collect about my visitors, and what I do with it.

If you subscribe to the mailing-list, then your email-address is used for that, and for nothing else.  It will not be sold, transferred, exchanged, or in any other way made public or even available to certain other parties by me.  When you unsubscribe your address is permanently deleted from the list.  One exception: if I'm legally forced to give information I will do so.  But since I'm sure you're a nice person that won't be necessary I guess :-)

Every time you visit a page of my site, some information about you is collected.  Be sure however that I cannot link your email-address to any of that information, since that information contains nothing that allows me to find out any personal info about the visitor.  Here's some of that information I collect:

  • Date and time of a page-view.
  • The IP address you had at that time. (I can retrace that to your ISP, not to you. This info is used to keep statistics about which country my visitors come from.)
  • The browser, browser version, and operating system you're using. This is to make sure that my site can be comfortably visited in as many browsers as possible.
  • The screen-resolution and color-depth you're using. This is to enable me to make sure that the site looks okay on the monitors and in the resolutions my visitors use.
  • Which link you followed. This is important to find out how easily I can be found through the popular search-engines.
  • The language your operating system is using.

And I cannot figure out the following information at all:

  • Your name, address, phone, pager or mobile number
  • By visiting my site I cannot figure out your email-address. Only when you send your email-address to me (through a feedback form, the guestbook, or through a subscription to the mailing list) I know it. And as I said earlier: I will not give that information to anyone else, unless the law forces me to..
  • I have no idea where you work
  • I have no idea where you surfed to before visiting my site (except for the last page, the one where you clicked a link), and not where you surf to when you leave my site.
  • And of course I don't know anything about your religious, political, ideological or other preferences and beliefs



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