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Coffee for Valentine’s Day

Well, I suppose one is expected to post something in the theme of the day, if I see the flood of heart-shaped things on FacebookRead more


Just toying around a bit with simple speedlight setups. It’s surprisingly simple to do, and surprisingly difficult to get something decent that first time. GoodRead more


This spring we were in France, in the area of Tours (“La Tourraine”), where a few hundred years ago French rich people built lovely castlesRead more

Paul Teng

Paul Teng is an amiable comic author living in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). For comic magazine “StripNieuws” I was asked if they could use an oldRead more


The privilege of being present during the recording of a CD was granted to me. A bit intimidating at first, I didn’t know when IRead more

Larry Roland

Though it looks like one, this is actually no portrait. Larry Roland (bass) was playing with Charles Gayle (sax, piano), live, when he stood thereRead more


This is Cha Istikar (I hope I’m spelling it right), the owner of Exotic Master, a shop selling food from all over the globe, inRead more


Bart is a bass- and guitar player in a few bands, and teaches music, but when I asked him how he wanted his portrait takenRead more


I guess the Arc De Triomphe, together with the Eiffel-tower, are among the most photographed buildings in Paris. On the outside mostly. I thought theRead more


This really is a snapshot. It’s not even sharp, I had to pull quite some tricks to make it seem close enough to sharp. ButRead more

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