Tiffany is the daughter of friends of ours on the Philippines. She is diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. Her only hope is a treatment her parents can’t afford, since there is no such thing like the medical insurance you’re accustomed to, and the hospital will not even start the treatment unless there is money on the table, upfront. Else and Carl have started a crowdfunding-page (here), but they are struggling to collect enough funds to start the treatment.

I’ve decided to help by selling a few pictures. Depending on the size 1€ (for cards), 5€ (smaller prints) or 10€ (larger prints) of every sale will go to their fund. If you want different sizes or something special you can contact me. And if you want a specific picture you saw on FB, just drop me a message and I’ll add it.

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Guy Swinnen 01.jpg
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Railroad Switch.jpg
Guy Swinnen 01.jpg

PS.: this is the very first time I use this service. Please let me know any good or bad experiences 🙂


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