My first kids’ photoshoot ever. An assignment for school, and the parents – an ex colleague and his wife – had asked if I could toy a little with the colors. Like black & white with one colored object, for example. For this one I decided not to do that, but leave a little bit of color, very faint, in the entire picture.

3 Responses to “Noah”

  1. marly donaire says:

    JIm congratulations !!! you did a perfect shot ,a fine nice photo appears and it is natural…. Good your model behave during the shooting …
    He is really cute ….. congratulations again I’m sure this photo will grade you an outstanding piece….

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you Marly. Yup, I’m pretty pleased with it 🙂

  3. marly donaire says:

    I am glad that youre well pleased on Noah’s photo ~~… Does it sounds great ?~~ please share us the result Jim.. and he is really cute …..

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