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Tintin (Kuifje)
(by Hergé)
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Those who have never heard of Tintin, raise your hand? Naah, don't see anyone. The Tintin series combines all of the clichés of a typical comic series, with an excellent narrating skill and very good and simple drawings. A lot of the modern artists will tell you they see Hergé and his work as the inspiration for their own, even if their style is far away from Hergé's "clear line". Tintin may originally be created in French, but one needs to know Flemish to fully appreciate the odd names and languages. "Ben Kalish Ezab" (from Land of the Black Gold) for example refers to "Kalichesap", or the juice from a stick of liquorice, and Colonel Sponsz would be colonel Sponge.

Nr. Cover Title Story
1 Cover Kuifje in Afrika Kuifje in Afrika
(Tintin in the Congo)
The young reporter will go to Africa and try to give us his impressions. This is not really a consistent adventure, it's more a loose set of events. Quite cute in it's own old fashioned way, but a lot of the ideas and so are outdated to say the least, despite the "fresh-up" that has been done in the fifties.
2 Cover Kuifje in Amerika Kuifje in Amerika
(Tintin in America)
After having explored Africa, America is Tintin's next goal. Though he has no intentions of doing anything more than reporting what he sees, the local criminals (remember, this is set around Al Capone's time) get a bit nervous. And they have every reason to...
3 Cover De sigaren van de Farao De sigaren van de Farao
(Cigars of the Pharaoh)
The first real consistent adventure. A mysterious curse, a secret society, a poison that drives people crazy, locked in into an Egyptian tomb, smuggle - spiced up with lovely humor, like the successful methods of the Portuguese salesman Figuera.
4 Cover De Blauwe Lotus De Blauwe Lotus
(The Blue Lotus)
Tintin is staying with the Maharajah of Rawhajpoutalah when a man from Shangai comes with an urgent message, but he's poisoned with the madmaking radjaidjah before he can say much. Tintin decides to go to Shangai to investigate. In Shangai a Japanese man urges him to return, a Chinese man rescues him twice, and on the boat back he's kidnapped and sent back to Shangai. Then he finally finds out who really is who...
5 Cover Het gebroken oor Het gebroken oor
(The Broken Ear)

6 Cover De zwarte rotsen De zwarte rotsen
(The black island)
During a walk Tintin sees a light plane in trouble, making an emergency landing. When he approaches he gets shot. Intrigued he investigates, though he has no idea what it is all about. The people he's after don't like this, and they try to stop him in any way, but he persists...
7 Cover De Scepter van Ottokar De Scepter van Ottokar
(King Ottokar's Sceptre)
A lost suitcase brings Tintin to Professor Halambiek, a sigillografist. When he leaves there a series of events intrigues Tintin, just the opposite of what a small group of people would have preferred. More than before he is determined to travel with the professor to Syldavia as his assistant. But everything is done to prevent his arrival in Klow, the Syldavian capital...
8 Cover De Krab met de Gulden Scharen De Krab met de Gulden Scharen
(The Crab with the Golden Claws)
A chat with the Thompson twins brings Tintin on the track of the Karaboudjan, a ship that is linked with a case of forgery the detectives are investigating. Tintin gets on the ship, but is caught there. He escapes, and meets captain Haddock for the first time. The two of them abandon the ship, but a plane is sent after them to shoot them...
9 Cover De Geheimzinnige Ster De Geheimzinnige Ster
(The Shooting Star)
A new star is growing rapidly it seems. But it turns out to be a meteorite, that is heading for the Earth. A collision is inevitable, but the result is not as bad as predicted at first: "only" an earthquake. A team of scientists, accompanied by Tintin, is preparing a ship to go and look for the meteorite. Meanwhile competitors will try anything, the illegal first, to slow them down and get there first...
10 Cover Het geheim van de Eenhoorn Het geheim van de Eenhoorn
(The secret of the Unicorn)
Tintin buys a ship's model as a present for his friend Haddock. This one immediately notices the remarkable resemblance with a similar ship on a painting of his ancestor, knight Hadoque. When the ship then gets stolen, Tintin starts to discover that there are in fact several ships, and combined they form some sort of a treasure map. But Tintin is not the only one that has come to that conclusion...
11 Cover De schat van Scharlaken Rackham De schat van Scharlaken Rackham
(Red Rackham's adventure)
A journalist brings out that Tintin and Haddock are planning a trip to look for Rackham's treasure. This brings a lot of would-be descendants of the pirate, but they are quickly chased away. One man is more difficult to chase away. Trifonius Calculus is a persistent man. So he forces himself into the team that looks for... for what exactly? And where?
12 Cover De 7 kristallen bollen De 7 kristallen bollen
(The 7 crystal balls)
During a show Tintin and Haddock witness a hypnosis-act in which a lady in the audience is warned about her husband's upcoming illness. She thinks it's a sick joke, but minutes later the same lady is summoned to return home because of her husband's illness. This is only the first of a series of mysterious cases of hypnotic sleep...
13 Cover Kuifje en de zonnetempel Kuifje en de zonnetempel
(Prisoners of the sun)
Tintin and Haddock wait for the arrival of the Pachacamac, the vessel on which they suspect the kidnapped Calculus is staying. Upon its arrival the ship is put into quarantine, but Tintin goes on board anyway. He finds Calculus, but has to flee. At night the kidnappers bring Calculus ashore, and Tintin and Haddock have no choice but to follow them. On a train they are in the last wagon, and they notice they are alone. And that on a steep part of the track the wagon is detached...
14 Cover Kuifje en het zwarte goud Kuifje en het zwarte goud
(Land of black gold)
Exploding engines suggest a foreign conspiracy of sabotage. Thomson and Thompson suspect a big car repair company, they would after all benefit from all the defective engines. But Tintin discovers that there's more behind, and that leads him to the Arab world. It seems like an old enemy is involved...
15 Cover Raket naar de Maan Raket naar de Maan
(Destination Moon)
Tintin and Haddock return to Moulinsart, only to find a telegram from Calculus urging them to come to Syldavia. They are a bit suspicious, but they go anyway. They meet Calculus who has taken on the biggest project ever started...
16 Cover Mannen op de Maan Mannen op de Maan
(Explorers on the Moon)
So the rocket is on its way. With a few surprise passengers: Thomson en Thompson were guarding the rocket, unaware of the exact launch time. The trip starts smooth, but soon small events make it clear that this is not a Sunday afternoon walk...
17 Cover De zaak Zonnebloem De zaak Zonnebloem
(The Calculus affair)
No more wild adventures, from now on Haddock stays home in his castle. And that was his last tranquil moment, since a thunderstorm threatens, and they only just make it inside before the rain comes. A lightning flash seems to shatter some windows - but was it the lightning? After the storm Calculus is being shot at. Not that he notices it. Then a wounded man is found in the park, and disappears again. Calculus goes to a congress in Geneva, but in his absence someone searches through his laboratory. And a packet of cigarettes makes Tintin want to go after Calculus, he fears for his safety...
18 Cover Cokes in voorraad Cokes in voorraad
(The Red Sea sharks)
Tintin and Haddock bump into general Alcazar. He loses his wallet, and since he gave a fake address Tintin is sort of intrigued. When they come home they find Abdullah and his company in the castle. Haddock is not quite pleased, certainly since he's Abdullah's primary target. But they cannot send them back, since Abdullah's father seems to be in touble, and somehow Tintin's discovery about Alcazar seems to be related to those troubles...
19 Cover Kuifje in Tibet Kuifje in Tibet
(Tintin in Tibet)

20 Cover De juwelen van Bianca Castafiore De juwelen van Bianca Castafiore
(The Castafiore emerald)
The day started nice, but soon Haddock will wish he could start all over. A broken step on his stairs causes him to stay in a wheelchair, he is bitten by a scared child, and the biggest disaster still has to come: Castafiore will stay with them for a few days. With her maid, a pianist, and... a parrot.
21 Cover Vlucht 714 Vlucht 714
(Flight 714)
Tintin and Haddock are on their way to Sydney. During a stop-over in Djakarta they bump into Szut, who introduces them to his employer, the wealthy Carreidas, who invites them to continue their journey in his private jet. This doesn't stop some crew-members from continuing their plan to hijack the plane and kidnap the millionaire...
22 Cover Kuifje en de Picaros Kuifje en de Picaros
(Tintin and the Picaros)

23 Cover Kuifje en de Alfa-kunst Kuifje en de Alfa-kunst
(Tintin and the Alph'art)
The last and unfinished album of Tintin has certainly its value. Not so much for the story, since that isn't finished and still lacks many of the small details and witty humor that is so typical for Tintin and his friends. In stead the sheets that range from almost finished to just a loose set of sketches indicating in which direction goes show us the creation proces of Hergé. With sometimes try-outs for various names, and even some pages with scribblings for alternatives here and there.

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