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Blake and Mortimer (Blake en Mortimer)
(by E.P. Jacobs)
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Nr. Cover Title Story
1 Cover Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 1<br>De meedogenloze achtervolging Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 1
De meedogenloze achtervolging
(The secret of the swordfish 1
The merciless pursuit)
Worldwide the politicians debate whether to mobilise their troops at the risk it will be seen as a provocation, but whatever they decide is too late: Basam-Dandu, emperor of the Mongolian Empire, attacks and conquers the world. A small team of scientists were working on a powerful weapon - the Swordfish - but the attack forced them to destroy the factory and try to outrun the troops...
2 Cover Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 2<br>De ontsnapping van Mortimer Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 2
De ontsnapping van Mortimer
(The secret of the swordfish 2
Mortimer's escape)
After a very adventurous trip Blake, Mortimer and Nasir reach the coast. Blake's unfortunate fall makes him loose the documents, but he notices that too late. Mortimer will go and get them, but as soon as he found them the enemy spots him. He does what he can but he is caught. Luckily he managed to hide the documents so they didn't fall in enemy hands, but that also means that the allied forces don't have them either...
3 Cover Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 3<br>SX1 in de tegenaanval Het geheim van de Zwaardvis 3
SX1 in de tegenaanval
(The secret of the swordfish 3
SX1 strikes back)
The rebels try to free as much scientists as possible to assist in developing new weapons, or in finishing the Swordfish. Despite the precautions the enemy takes a prisoner transportation train is ambushed, and with a little help from the prisoners the allied rebels manage to free yet another group and bring them to their secret base. What they don't know is that one of the liberated "prisoners" is a mole...
4 Cover Het mysterie van de grote pyramide 1<br>De papyrus van Manetho Het mysterie van de grote pyramide 1
De papyrus van Manetho
(The mystery of the great pyramid 1
The papyrus of Manetho)
Mortimer and Nasir are in Egypt, on holiday. When they arrive Nasir is sure someone is keeping an eye on them, but Mortimer doesn't believe him. His friend, professor Ahmed Rassim Bey proudly shows him some recently discovered papyrus that is still being deciphered. There's quite some excitement when one of the fragments mentions the Room of Horus, but unfortunately the next night already most of the papyrus-fragments are stolen. Mortimer's investigations lead him to an antiques shop where he finds a trace to... Olrik!
5 Cover Het mysterie van de grote pyramide 2<br>De kamer van Horus Het mysterie van de grote pyramide 2
De kamer van Horus
(The mystery of the great pyramid 2
Horus' chamber)
When he leaves dr. Grossgrabenstein, Mortimer meets the man he saved from a spanking at Grossgrabenstein's archeological site. The man gives him a talisman, and already the next night Mortimer can use it since someone put a cobra in his room. Later at Grossgrabenstein's house Mortimer is confronted with... Olrik! The criminal escapes thinking that Mortimer and Blake are both dead and he has his hands free. But both men are following him...
6 Cover Het gele teken Het gele teken
(The yellow sign)
London is under the spell of an odd criminal, that announces himself and seems both impossible to catch or to harm. Where at first he doesn't harm people, he then starts abducting men, all close to Blake and Mortimer. This intrigues them both, and professor Mortimer starts a small inquest - and comes to an astonishing conclusion...
The classic of classics. Perfect story, perfect drawings, simply wonderful. And though some of the technology may look outdated, I doubt if this story ever will be even close to old-fashioned.
7 Cover Het raadsel van Atlantis Het raadsel van Atlantis
(The enigma of Atlantis)
Mortimer has found something remarkable in a cave on Saô Miguel, one of the Azores. But while he picks up Blake from the airport, the object, a stone with remarkable qualities, is stolen. They decide to explore the cave a little more, hoping to find more of the mineral. What they don't know is that Olrik has managed to become a member of the team that will assist them...
8 Cover S.O.S. Meteoren S.O.S. Meteoren
(S.O.S. Meteors)
Paris is suffering from extreme and seemingly eternal bad weather. Just like the other Western countries France is ravaged by floods due to the rain. Professor Mortimer has a meeting with Labrousse to discuss the phenomenon, but has some trouble getting there due to mechanical problems in his taxi. The car even ends up in a lake. Mortimer does arrive at his friend's place, but the driver is disappeared. Later the car is found, but not where Mortimer and the taxi-driver left it. This supports Mortimer's theory, that the weather is influenced by humans, and they are now trying to prevent him from finding out more...
9 Cover De valstrik De valstrik
(The trap)
Professor Mortimer receives a mysterious inheritance from Miloch, an opponent from some time ago. In an old house in a small French village there would be something that is of great scientific importance. Captain Blake asks him to wait a few days until he is back, but Mortimer cannot hold back his curiosity and investigates things. He finds the old lab of Miloch, and a device that is said to be able to transport a human through time. He tries it...
10 Cover Het halssnoer van de koningin Het halssnoer van de koningin
(The queen's necklace)
Olrik escaped while being transported from prison. In prison he had been studying the archeology of Paris. Meanwhile there is quite some commotion about a recently discovered necklace. After its restoration it will be introduced to the public. Blake and Mortimer are among the guests. But then, darkness, a loud rumble, and some panic. Someone had switched off the electricity, and during the confusion the necklace disappeared. Olrik?
11 Cover De 3 formules van Prof. Sato - 1 De 3 formules van Prof. Sato - 1
(The 3 formulas of Prof. Sato - 1)
A mysterious flying object is noticed by the radars of the airport of Tokio. The Japanese air-force is sent to investigate, and just before there is a mid-air collision between the object and the jets one of the pilots claims the object is a Ryu, a mythical flying dragon. In his lab Prof. Sato is desperate. He just wanted to test his new technology, and the child in him had shaped the device like a Ryu. Now he is faced with a dilemma: be dishonored by keeping quiet about it, or speak up and abandon his research. He asks a friend who happens to be in Japan for advice: Prof. Mortimer. But before they meet it becomes clear that the technology Sato is developing is interesting for less friendly people...
12 Cover De 3 formules van Prof. Sato - 2 De 3 formules van Prof. Sato - 2
(The 3 formulas of Prof. Sato - 2)

(By E.P. Jacobs & Bob De Moor)
Blake arrives in Japan, and notices that Mortimer's disappearance is suspicious, to say the least. He informs the police who links his evidence to some other reports they have. At the same time Olrik impatiently waits for Kim to finish the Mortimer-android...
13 Cover De zaak Francis Blake De zaak Francis Blake
(The Francis Blake case)

(By Jean Van Hamme & Ted Benoit)
There is more and more evidence of a mole in the very heart of the British Intelligence service. A trap is set up, and whose face is that on the picture? Francis Blake?? But he escapes, and Mortimer, not suspected but nevertheless confined to his home, disappears as well. With the little clues Blake has left him he starts his own search for his friend. What on Earth is going on? Who is behind all this? And what is their goal?
14 Cover Het Voronov komplot Het Voronov komplot
(The Voronov plot)

(By Yves Sente & André Juillard)
The months before the launch of Sputnik. The Russians launch a rocket, but it gets hit by several meteors. The capsule is not too badly damaged, and returns to Earth. Everyone of the recovery team dies of horrible bleedings: it turns out an unknown bacteria came down with the capsule. Dr. Voronov sees a great opportunity to strengthen the Soviet Union, with some help of this bacteria. His plot however is very dangerous for everyone in the world. Luckily Blake is informed via an agent in Voronov's environment. Will they be able to stop Voronov? And how can the bacteria be stopped from wiping out important people all around the world?
15 Cover Bericht uit het verleden Bericht uit het verleden
(Message from the past)

(By Jean Van Hamme & Ted Benoit)
A man who disappeared more than 2 centuries ago is found dead, 2,000 miles from the place he disappeared. And as if this doesn't raise enough questions, the man has some items on him that the current science cannot explain. Blake is involved in the research as the man is his predecessor. The first night however someone is looking for something in his hotel-room, and that someone seems to be not quite human...
16 Cover De Sarcofagen van het 6de Continent I De Sarcofagen van het 6de Continent I
(The Sarcophaguses of the 6th Continent I)

(By Yves Sente & André Juillard)
Early 1958. A group of Indian leaders meet with a mysterious man who claims he has returned from 2200 years of death. His return is to help them reclaim India from its occupants, since they still have too much influence in the young independant Indian state. He has a new weapon, and he intends to show the world how powerful he is, and he'll do so on the World Exhibition of 1958 in Brussels...
17 Cover  	De Sarcofagen van het 6de Continent II De Sarcofagen van het 6de Continent II
(The Sarcophaguses of the 6th Continent II)

(By Yves Sente & André Juillard)
With a little bit of luck Blake and Mortimer manage to get onto the La Madeleine, the ship that will take professor Labrousse to the South-Pole. They manage to smuggle Nasir on an Indian ship that carries Mr. Singh to the Pole, hoping that Nasir would at least slowe them down, and if possible neutralize Singh's uranium. On the Pole armed Indians wait for Blake and Mortimer, but Blake manages to escape. On his own he'll have to try to reach another base, without proper navigation tools...
18 Cover Het heiligdom van Gondwana Het heiligdom van Gondwana
(The Gondwana sanctuary)

(By Yves Sente & André Juillard)
On a stone Mortimer found in Antarctica, during his latest adventure there, some remarkable patterns can be found. There's a striking resemblance with a recent discovery in Tanganyika, and a meeting with an old and dear friend of Mortimer results in an expedition to Africa. What they don't know is that someone is following every move: Olrik...

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