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(by Jacques Martin)
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Nr. Cover Title Story
-- Cover De dooltocht van Alex De dooltocht van Alex
(The roamings of Alex)
This book contains one short story about a tricked horse-race, and a series of letters from Alex, written in different parts of the world, and addressed to friends and acquaintances around the world.
1 Cover Alex de onversaagde Alex de onversaagde
(Alex the dauntless)

2 Cover De gouden sfinx De gouden sfinx
(The golden sphinx )
Alex arrives in a Gallian village, just in time to prevent a human sacrifice. He is the son of the previous chief, and the villagers accept him - except two. They plot against him, and try to convice Caesar, nearby trying to win over Vercingetorix, that Alex is a traitor. This works out differently, and Alex gets an assignment from Caesar. In Egypt something is going on that might endanger the power of Rome. None of the scouts sent out have returned alive, all that Caesar has is a gold statue of a sphinx, and a name: Efouad.
3 Cover Het vervloekte eiland Het vervloekte eiland
(The cursed island)
Strange things happen in Carthago. Just the other day a scientist was taken by a few people who seemed to have horrible weapons: those who dared coming after them were set on fire from a distance, and even the sea was set on fire. Rome sent Alex to assist. At first his youth calls for some hilarity, but soon he finds out that a small group stayed behind in Carthago while the other team fled over the sea. That group now escaped too, so an expedition is prepared to go after them...
4 Cover De tiara van Oribal De tiara van Oribal
(Oribal's Tiara)
Alex is accompanying Oribal back to his land, together with a group of Roman soldiers. When they arrive at an outpost of the Roman army, they find it completely destroyed and desolated. It is clear to Alex that someone knows they are coming, and wants to stop them. He thinks that a smaller group will attract less attention, so he sends the army back...
5 Cover De zwarte klauw De zwarte klauw
(The black claw)
In Pompei the rich enjoy the mild climate while all sorts of trade prospers. A dream place to live or to retire. One night one of the rich suddenly has some sort of an attack, and remains totally paralyzed. A next night the same happens elsewhere in town, and this time Alex notices some small scratches, the same as on the first man's shoulders. So this is not an illness but an attack? Who? Why? The story a black man brings leads to an old history, the massacre of the city of Icara. But that only hints at the possible next victims, not at who is behind all this...
6 Cover De verloren legions De verloren legions
(The lost legions)
During a storm one night Alex witnesses a man being chased over the roofs of Rome. Just before his attackers get him, the man shouts Alex' name. A servant recognizes the man and his pursuers, and Alex starts an investigation. This leads him to a plot to overthrow Caesar's power. For this plot Brennus' sword is needed, a sword with symbolic power for the Gaul people. Alex has to follow the group taking the sword to Gaul to try to stop this plot...
7 Cover De laatste Spartaan De laatste Spartaan
(The last Spartan)
Alex wakes up on a beach after a storm, all alone. He remembers being swept overboard during the storm, just when they saw lights that seemed to guide them towards safety. But when he finds the ship's wreck it is burned? He goes inland and finds people, but there he discovers that they know who lurked them towards land, so that the properties can be taken, and the passengers led away as slaves...
8 Cover Het Etruskische graf Het Etruskische graf
(The Etruskian grave)
Alex and Enak accompany Octavius, Caesar's nephew, to Tarquini, where Octavius' uncle lives. One night they hear noises and they manage to chase away masked man that were going to burn a farmer's child as a sacrifice to Moloch-Baal. When the boys arrive at Octavius' uncle's house and meet his sister Lidia, they learn that Claudius, the son of Octavius' uncle has been kidnapped by the same Moloch-worshippers. Brutus, a friend of the family, gets the boy back, but Claudius points at Brutus and accuses him of being the kidnapper...
9 Cover Het afgodsbeeld Het afgodsbeeld
(The Idol)
Alex, Enak and Heraklion arrive in a coastal town called Appolonia. They are invited here by general Horatius, but when they ask after him it seems he is not there. Later they learn that even the letter they received from the general is false. But since there is no ship that goes to Rome they have to stay a little, and can admire the work on a town being built. Alex has a pretty bad experience at an army-camp, and only just manages to escape. He then meets some people that have found a statue they claim to be picturing Apollo, and they also claim it to have miracle powers. More true than they know...
10 Cover Iorix de grote Iorix de grote
(Iorix the great)
Alex is asked to bring a Gaulish legion back to Gaul. He hesitates at first, given his age compared to that of the soldiers, but he accepts. They travel with a lot of gold, their pay for fighting many battles for Rome. Some Roman officers plot to have the Barbarians attack the Gaulish legion so the officers can get the gold, but the Gaulish legion is not easy to beat. Meanwhile Iorus, the leader of the legion, is starting to see himself more and more as the true Gaulish leader...
11 Cover De prins van de Nijl De prins van de Nijl
(The prince of the Nile)
Alex and Enak arrive in Kherka, a village in Nubia, at the border of the river Nile. They are invited by prince Hakares Menkhara, who believes that Enak is that last of his relatives. That would make Enak a prince as well. They arrive to prince Hakares' residence, Sakhara, but it's clear by now that intrigues and murder will dominate the near future...
12 Cover De zoon van Spartacus De zoon van Spartacus
(Spartacus' Son)
A Greek slave discovered that Spartacus had a son. This is a dangerous situation for the Roman Empire, they want to avoid that yet again there would be an uprise of the slaves. They want to find this boy, but his mother asked Alex for help and together they manage to escape Rome just in time. Alex intends to bring the boy as far away from Rome as possible, to allow him a safe youth. But Rome is persistent - and there is a traitor amongst them...
13 Cover Het spook van Carthago Het spook van Carthago
(The ghost of Carthago)
A statue of Alex and Enak will be made as gratitude for what they did for Carthago earlier. When for the second evening in a row a mysterious light is transported through the ruins of the old village, Alex and Enak decide to have a closer look. This almost means the death of Alex, he collapses and becomes really cold. Poisoning, probably, and he survives only just. Who tried to kill him? And what is the light being transported every night?
14 Cover De prooien van de vulkaan De prooien van de vulkaan
(The preys of the volcano)
After a mutiny on the ship they were traveling on, Alex and Enak are dropped off on a shore of what seems a deserted island. They install themselves as comfortably as possible, and start to build a raft. One night a horrible scream can be heard from far away. Alex climbs a hill and sees a light in the distance, as he hears more screams. So there are people here! Not much later someone enters their camp: a young girl, escaped from a group that is supposed to be sacrificed to the volcano. Alex and Enak decide to help her.
15 Cover Een kind van Athene Een kind van Athene
(A child of Athens)
Sold as slaves to a wealthy Roman living in Athens, Alex and Enak are used to get information from the Protoneion. On first sight that is an innocent factory of pottery, but by coincidence an alarming message reached the Roman Senate from within the factory. Inside Alex and Enak meet Hykarion, the caretaker, who should manage the factory until the legal heir, Herkios, is old enough to become the legal owner. Hykarion however has other plans, ambitious plans...
16 Cover De toren van Babel De toren van Babel
(The tower of Babylon)
Alex and Enak are called to Jerusalem. From there a contact-person should take them to Zür-Bakal, where Oribal needs his help. Alex accepts, and they join a caravan for the first part of the journey. All the while a man in black makes sure they see him, but they never manage to make contact...
17 Cover De keizer van China De keizer van China
(The emperor of China)
Alex and Enak accompany Mardokios, the son of a Greek teacher of the Chinese crown-prince Lu Kien, to China. Because he was so convincing, and because they were curious. During the final leg of their journey lord Wu Tsji, cousin of the Emperor, travels on the same boat, but he "is too noble" to have contact with them. That changes when pirates attack, and Alex saves Wu Tsji's life. Upon arrival Wu Tsji is worried, he has no idea how the Emperor will look at him. Alex and Enak soon learn that a simple impression is enough to decide over life or death...
18 Cover Vercingetorix Vercingetorix Pompejus asks Alex to escort a man back to his homeland. Oh, he doesn't ask this out of pure nobility: the man is the great Vercingetorix who was rotting away in a Roman prison, waiting for a triumphal procession Caesar had planned for himself. Pompejus helped Vercingetorix escape, thus making the triumph impossible for Caesar. But Caesar soon finds out what has happened, and a manhunt begins...
19 Cover Het paard van Troje Het paard van Troje
(The Trojan horse)
Alex, Enak and Heraklion are waiting for general Horatius. He is late by two days, and just then a captain from a ship comes and asks them to come with him, as Horatius is pretty ill and waits for them in Delphi. Along the road there are a few attempts to attack them, and it seems Heraklion is the real target. Who? Why?
20 Cover O Alexandrië O Alexandrië
(O Alexandria)
Alex and Enak arrive in Thebe, after they received a letter from Senoris. However, this man is now in captivity, and he is even being tortured because he doesn't want to tell the secret of the treasure of Hatjepsoet. Senoris explains how this secret was revealed to him...
21 Cover De Barbaren De Barbaren
(The Barbarians)

(With R. Morales)
Near the northern edge of the Roman Empire, in the Altus Rhenus fortress near a river's edge, Alex and Enak arrive on a special mission for Julius Caesar. He wants them to send a report about the fortress, descriptions and drawings. But the commander of the fortress, Tullius Carbo, wants them out of there, soon. He's afraid they might discover what he is up to...
22 Cover De val van Icarus De val van Icarus
(The fall of Icarus)

(With R. Morales)
Alex and Enak are in Icarius, invited by Numa Sadulus and his wife. They notice a lot of suspicious ships, and strangers roaming through the town showing odd behaviour. They try to warn the legate, but he doesn't take them seriously. The next day however he will have to eat his words, because it is clear pirates have surrounded the island. Will the fortifications hold?
23 Cover De groene rivier De groene rivier
(The green river)

(With R. Morales)
The prince of a southern Egyptian province asks Cleopatra's permission for his daughter to marry Enak, so the two provinces could be merged. The queen doesn't think much of it, but a few cases of gold convince her to take the necessary steps. Alex and Enak arrive in Alxandria, but when they hear about the plans all they can think of is escape. But that is easier said than done...
24 Cover Roma, Roma Roma, Roma
(By J. Martin & R. Morales)
Julia, the pretty wife of senator Caius Quintus Arenus, is the only survivor of a massacre at his villa during a party. She survives because she recognized what is happening from what she saw in a dream, and was able to flee soon enough. Only just though. All the others are murdered by... Alex Gracchus? He does have an alibi, but it looks bad for him, certainly when it becomes clear that his accusation is just one part in a large plot against Caesar...
25 Cover Het was in Khorsabad Het was in Khorsabad
(It was in Khorsabad)

(By Cédric Hervan, Christophe Simon & François Maingoval)
Alex and Enak are invited by king Orodes, but he doesn't tell them why. While he's in the area, Alex would like to go to Khorsabad, because it was there that he got separated from his sister and from a fellow soldier, many years ago. Khorsabad is now governed by a wealthy man, a man that is, despite his thick black beard, familiar to Alex...

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