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Year of the Elephant - Yoko Tsuno -

Yoko Tsuno
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Trio in the unknown Trio in het onbekende 24 Ben becomes Max for a while. His original French name? Comic Error
2 The satanic organ Het helse orgel 40 "Het lucht" should be "Het lukt". Comic Error
3 Vulcanus' forge Vulcanus' smidse 12 Yoko presumes that whatever is inside is alive, since the inside of the glass is steamed up. But the Vinean inside is wearing a closed circuit breathing device, so what did make the window steam up?
(credits: Marco Rensen)
Comic Error
4 Adventures with electronics Avonturen met elektronika 7-18 So is her father's name "Seiko Tsuno" or "Susuki Tsuno"?
(credits: Frank Otter)
Comic Error
5 Signals for eternity Seinen voor de eeuwigheid 5 The French "ordinateur" is not a profession, it's a computer. In Dutch there is no such thing as an "ordinator". Comic Error
5 How does he know she's an electronics-expert? They haven't even spoken to each other, and she hasn't mentioned it to the other man either. Comic Error
11 She recognizes the Porsche by the rubber caps on its bumper. It has no rubber caps there. Comic Error
6 The 3 suns of Vinea De 3 zonnen van Vinea 16 Vynka (in the orange suit, on his knees next to Yoko) is supposed to be a Vinean, but he's pink, not blue. Comic Error
7 The edge of life De grens van het leven 3 "schilderachtige 16de gezicht" should be "schilderachtige 16de eeuwse gezicht".
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
9 The door of Ingrid's room opens in a different direction. Comic Error
9 The daughter of the wind De dochter van de wind 17 On p.5 Yoko is surprised to learn that her father is making artificial typhoons, but on p.17 she recalls having seen the machine that makes those typhoons run away with itself.
(credits: Marco Rensen)
Comic Error
10 The light from Ixo Het licht van Ixo 9-14 On page 9 Khany examines the atmosphere, on p. 14 she explains why there is no atmosphere... Comic Error
14 Wodan's lightning De bliksem van Wodan 3 It should be the castle of "Eltz" as it is correctly referred at on p. 20. Check the castle's site.
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
13 "schabben" should be "schappen".
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
14 "Ohlings-Mühle" is the station, not the metro. In the previous frame it was phrased correctly.
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
22 The helicopter's registration number isn't always on its tail.
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
25 Paul has six fingers!
(credits: Tout sur le journal de Spirou)
Comic Error
25 The tie is missing some lines.
(credits: Richard Gutteling)
Comic Error
39 The man with the beard is demoted. By the lightning? Comic Error
15 The canon of Kra Het kanon van Kra 3 ... 46 The plane's name is "Kolibri" as often mentioned in the text. Yet on several occasions the name "Colibri" is clearly visible.
(credits: Björn Vanneste)
Comic Error
5 The tail's color pattern has changed. Comic Error
6 The title of the book is "De Bliksem van Wodan", not "Het vuur van Wodan". Comic Error
7 "canon" should be "kanon". Comic Error
26 Ben and Paul swapped seats, just for this one frame.
(credits: Thierry Delpeuch)
Comic Error
16 The dragon of Hong Kong De draak van Hong Kong 13 Two of the boat's rings weren't there before.
(credits: Thierry Delpeuch)
Comic Error
13 Look at the sides of the boat next to the engine: 2 lights are missing. Comic Error
17 The dancer from Bali De danseres van Bali 9 "Both the tanks" (literally: "all two"), but there were at least three. Comic Error
18 The exiles of Kifa De bannelingen van Kifa 3 Yoko pokes Paul with her elbow, without even much effort. But how can she, if he is not sitting behind her? Comic Error
13 Leloup counted wrong when drawing the diving-bell, but the coloring brought a smart solution. Count the globe-shaped containers on top: there should be 10 of them. Comic Error
20 The space-ship is not free of the gravity of the planet, not at all. It is outside the atmosphere, and that is what was meant I guess. Comic Error
20 The astrologer of Bruges De astroloog van Brugge 14 "dee" should be "idee". Comic Error
22 The heavenly junk De hemelse jonk 7 The professor's eye-glass disappears. Comic Error
23 The pagoda of the mists De pagode der nevelen 11 The fastening of the dress is gone. Comic Error
24 The seventh code De zevende code 32 A chessboard normally has 8x8 rows and columns. Comic Error
38 Krüger's scar is gone. Comic Error
45 The lower tailwinglets have gone.
(credits: Rudi Bonne)
Comic Error

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