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Trigan Empire (TrigiŽ)
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Battle for Trigië Strijd om Trigië 8 Reality is less spectacular I'm afraid, meteors don't fly through space red-hot and smoking. They only do so during the brief moments they go through the atmosphere of a planet. Comic Error
2 Last hour for Elekton Laatste uur voor Elekton 7 Reality is less spectacular I'm afraid, moons don't fly through space red-hot and smoking either. Comic Error
31 And again. Comic Error
5 The battle for Trigopolis De slag om Trigopolis 10 The jewel in her hair has changed Comic Error
6 Duel with death Duel met de dood 13 Once more meteors can't become redhot nor start to smoke in the absence of an atmosphere - like in space. Comic Error
8 The forbidden city De verboden stad 3 Meteors still don't fly whitehot through space. Comic Error
9 The battle for power De strijd om de macht 10 If he wasn't holding the formula, how can he drop it? Comic Error
11 Threat from outer space Dreiging uit het heelal 21 If the train is attached this way to the monorail, then how can the monorail be attached to anything, anywhere? Comic Error
12 The unscrupulous servant De gewetenloze bediende 10-11 The floats of the aircraft seem to be interconnected in different ways all the time. Comic Error
16 The look-alike De dubbelganger 11 If the gondola is attached that way to the cable, then how can anything hold the cable? Comic Error
37 The decorations on the helicopter change. Comic Error
19 The forgotten valley De vergeten vallei 53 When rockets are so far from a planet, they are weightless, and so is their cargo. So if they collide the cargo can not fall "down" as there is no "down". Comic Error

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