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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
3 The outcast De outcast 11-12 They forgot to translate a bit: it's not "Allée du Maine", it's "Maine Alley". Comic Error
6 Land without sun Land zonder zon 5 Today would be Wednesday, January 20. But check the calendar: the 20th would be on the third row, last day. Which would make it Saturday or Sunday, depending on the starting day of the week. Comic Error
7 Miss Miss 11 The cupboard would have been in front of the other door if it would have been there, and the empty chair moved from one side of the desk to the other. Comic Error
37 Why does he say that this "man" is still warm, while he's holding a mug? Comic Error
47 "teruggedaan" should be "teruggegaan". Comic Error
8 Little Trent Kleine Trent 6 "gaan eerst" should be "We gaan eerst". Comic Error

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