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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
2 The island of the frozen seas Het eiland der bevroren zeëen 43 "Up, says the voice", and "He climbs without end", but the stairs wind down and he descends... Comic Error
3 Three greybeards in the land of Aran Drie grijsaards in het land van Aran 34 "ben in" should be "ben ik". Comic Error
4 The black galley De zwarte galei 22 Prince Veronar's rings are gone. Comic Error
6 The fall of Brek Zarith De val van Brek Zarith 6 The position of the guards is not correct. Comic Error
9 The archers De boogschutters 48 The price was 100 silver Marks. Those look gold, copper or bronze to me, but not silver. Comic Error
12 The city of the lost god De stad van de verloren god 3 "gewetenloos" should be "gewetenloze". Comic Error
13 Between earth and light Tussen aarde en licht 14 Woodfoot's wooden leg is usually on the right, except here. Comic Error
16 Uébac has bracelets around his upper-arms. But not permanently. Comic Error
21 Again Uébac's bracelets just appear. Comic Error
27 And now Uébac's bracelets are gone for good. Comic Error
34 Kriss has covered Jolan's mouth to keep him silent, but there is no cover. Comic Error
16 The she-wolf De wolvin 4 His right hand is axed off, a left hand flies away. Comic Error
18 The sun-sword Het zonnezwaard 28 The chain around Thorgal's ankle is gone. Comic Error
43 The piece of leather around Thorgal's left fore-arm is gone. Comic Error
19 The invisible castle De onzichtbare vesting 23 The knife at Kriss' shoulder disappears.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
28 The knife-holder at Kriss' shoulder, now empty, comes and goes.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
48 Thorgal has a burn in the palm of his left hand. Holding a bow doesn't hurt, holding a small bowl does. Comic Error
21 Ogotai's crown De kroon van Ogotai 21 Jaax takes the "Traveller" out of its cover. Then which cover is hanging over his shoulder?
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
22 Giants Reuzen 9 The leather armband is gone in 2 frames on p. 9. Comic Error
9 Prince Galathorn's moustache is gone, and he didn't shave it off.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
13 Again the armband is gone, though this time it's a colouring mistake. Comic Error
23 The cage De kooi 4 The armband-"rings" of princess Syrane move to her left arm, and are replaced by another armband. Comic Error
19 Inga's necklace is gone. Comic Error
48 The original group was never clearly seen together, but there are Sardaz and Hydalgor, and 6 other men. Sardaz and Hydalgor don't survive, and 3 other men die for sure. Hydalgor kicks one of the survivors in the face, let's presume he's just unconscious. That should leave 3 in the cage, or 2 when that last man died. But there are 4 men in the cage.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
24 Arachnea Arachnea 9 Thorgal's shirt lost its purple edges. Comic Error
34 "hal" should be "hel". Comic Error
26 The kingdom under the sand Het koninkrijk onder het zand 17 Jolan's and Thorgal's texts are swapped. Comic Error
18 Just while he drinks Thorgal doesn't have his bow over his shoulder. Comic Error
27 The barbarian De barbaar 9 The bow has no string. Comic Error
19 The governor didn't have that buckle on his shoulder.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
28 Bad coloring of the boot. Comic Error
28 On p. 15 there is a door in the corner of the yard.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
46 he governor never had any rings on his right hand before. Comic Error
28 Kriss of Valnor Kriss van Valnor 6 The officer had a metal armband on at least his right arm, but later not anymore.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
7 One of the soldiers had a metal armband on at least his left arm, but later not anymore.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
14 The correct name of the book (in the footnote) is "Reuzen". Comic Error
17 Kriss throws her whip around Jolan's left wrist, but it's his right arm that is painful.
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
21 Aaricia's sword is gone. Comic Error
43 Jolan's shirt is torn. But on which side?
(credits: Christopher)
Comic Error
29 The sacrifice Het offer 9 "Asgars" should be "Asgard". Comic Error

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