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Michel Vaillant
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 The big challenge De grote match 3 Stickers on headlights don't match. Comic Error
12 The yellow car first has nr. 10, the red one 12. And then it's inversed.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
2 The masked racer De gemaskerde racer 3 The boat has a slightly different color-pattern. Comic Error
3 The racetrack of fear De renbaan van de angst 16, 31, 52 Something odd. Sparkia should have Nr. 16, since there shouldn't be any Nr. 13. On p. 31 he has Nr. 16 indeed, on p. 52 you can see that the drawing says "13", and that an attempt was made to correct this in the coloring.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
64 The results are not possible. Michel should have 1+5+1=7. Comic Error
4 Trip through the night Tocht dor de nacht 52 In Salon he drives to the right, to Arles. According to the map on p. 50 it should be left. Comic Error
5 Nr. 13 at the start Nr. 13 aan de start 51 There is a Ferrari with Nr. 18, though on p. 34 they say the Ferraris have nrs. 14-15-16-17. Comic Error
6 Steve Warson's treason Het verraad van Steve Warson 28-30 Car nr. 15 is green, then green with white, then yellow. It's even a different model every time. Comic Error
7 The daredevils De waaghalzen 4 Agnes is blond. Except in one frame.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
41 A tie changes. Comic Error
8 The 8th driver De 8e man 30 Is Willy Claes driving a sportscar or a Junior? Comic Error
48 Who is driving the red 59? Comic Error
9 The return of Steve Warson De terugkeer van Steve Warson 32 The iron anchor-poles were in wood on p. 21 Comic Error
10 The honor of the Samurai De strijd van de Samoeraï 10 The mirror of p. 9 is gone. Comic Error
40-41 Is car 6 blue or green? Comic Error
11 Suspense in Indianapolis Paniek in Indianapolis 32 The red closed car nr. 1 was green and open on p. 31. Comic Error
32 Car 38 crashes, and is still in the race undamaged. Comic Error
33 Car 16, all green on p.31, is painted during the race. Comic Error
61 Car 5 has a driver with an orange helmet, car 4 has a driver with a black helmet. And in the next frame the situation is inversed.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
12 The knights of Königsfeld De ridders van Königsfeld 47 The shield differs from p. 9, and a shaft is missing. Comic Error
13 Mach I for Steve Warson Mach I voor Steve Warson 3-44 Three different fuel tanks? Comic Error
14 Concerto for pilots Concerto voor piloten 24-25 If Steve is passing Michel on the outside, then why is Michel almost ending up in the sand? Comic Error
15 The infernal circus Het helse circus 41-46 The position of the platform changes drastically. Comic Error
16 Km. 357 Km. 357 8 The rear bull-dozer drives without a driver. Comic Error
17 The ghost of the 24 hours Het spook van de "24 uur" 3-36 As from p. 36, the screen wipers on the Leader cars change from one side to the other of the wind screen Comic Error
23 All though Chuck Danver is in Jacky Ickx' team, he is wearing a Vaillante jacket.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
19 5 girls in the race 5 meisjes in de race 18 Jolijn becomes Françoise in the middle of the story? Comic Error
21 Massacre for an engine Gevecht voor een motor 31 Mic? Comic Error
22 Rush Rush 36 Number 14 "wants to stay ahead of the 'Rush'".. The "Rush" has 14.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
36 "François and Michel want to pass the 'Leader', but it is not easy.." They have passed it. Comic Error
23 Black Succession Het noodlot 11 This is a translation error that is difficult to translate... It is meant as the 4th fastest time, but it was translated as the 4th time, as in "this is the 4th time this happens". Comic Error
26-27 The left rear wheel? Comic Error
25 Girls and engines Meisjes en motoren 12 The car, a Vaillante Françoise, is called after Jolijn? Comic Error
30 It is Yves and Gabriele? Then the lights of the car have changed. Comic Error
26 World Champion Wereldkampioen 21-22 Look at the back side of the car. Is this the same car? Comic Error
30 Affa Romeo? Comic Error
27 In the hell of the safari De vervloekte safari 19 The Fiat is supposed to have nr. 1. Comic Error
23 Screaming tires? On mud? Comic Error
29 San Francisco Circus San Francisco Circus 12 The purple car, right in front of the two men, disappeared. Comic Error
19 Michel's car, Nr. 12, has the same number on the headlights. Except in one frame.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
46-47 The pattern on the suit changes on every page. Comic Error
30 The white prince De witte prins 4 The Princess clearly has number 35,, but the speaker doesn't seem to agree on that.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
12-40 Niki or Nikky Lauda? Comic Error
23 Does Jacky Ickx have Nr. 23 or 32? Check the side and the front of the car...
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
31 The young wolves De jonge wolven 7-8 Same bar, different people. The color of the bench changes too. Comic Error
20 Estoril is in Portugal, not in Spain.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
29-30 Fabri has 9? or 12? Comic Error
38-40 The "3" has disappeared from Renier's car Comic Error
33 The angry shadow De razende schim 21 Spanenberg? Shouldn't that be Spangenberg? Comic Error
41 Look at the tire-tracks. Where should the right front wheel be, if you follow its track? Comic Error
34 K.O. for Steve Warson Steve Warson gaat K.O. 15-33 Two cars have number 11. Comic Error
35 The galley slave De dwangarbeider 8-17 Nr. 11 is a different car. Comic Error
8-20 The numbering and the sponsors logos are different on both Ferraris. Comic Error
10, 13, 14 Is it Märklin, Marklin Sprint (without "umlaut") or Nothing? Comic Error
36 A driver has disappeared De verdwenen coureur 41 I'm willing to believe the screen-wiper is radio controlled, but how can it receive its electricity? Comic Error
37 The unknown of the 1000 tracks De grote onbekende 3-4-5 White or red numbers? Comic Error
38 Steve Warson contra Michel Vaillant Steve Warson tegen Michel Vaillant 6-12 The Theys-Janssens team had a blue top, not a white one. Comic Error
27-32 Steve's name disappears from his car. Comic Error
40 Rumble in F.1 F.1 in oproer 16-26 Gilles Villeneuve (red and black helmet) has car Nr. 26. And 28. Which is odd, since on p. 17 Didier Pironi (red-white-blue helmet) has car 28.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
42 300 km/h in Paris 300 km/h door Parijs 31-32 Somebody actually took the time to rotate the back-wheel. Comic Error
43 Rendez-vous in Macao Rendez-vous in Macao 10-11 The painting changed. Comic Error
46 Julie's Vaillante-badge is gone. Comic Error
44 Steve & Julie Steve & Julie 44-47 Electrical cables and phone-cables come and go Comic Error
45 The man from Lisbon De man in Lissabon 36-46 Michel enters without a tie, and in the complete story afterwards with a tie. Comic Error
38 Vino Verde is not red, as far as I know Comic Error
40-46 The color of the Michel's tie and the other guy's shirt change. Comic Error
47 Panic in Monaco Paniek in Monaco 7-43 The color of vertical part of the spoilers has changed. Comic Error
48 Irish Coffee Irish Coffee 1 "Bekend" should be "bekent". Comic Error
27-28 Pickery shaves extremely fast. Comic Error
49 Heavy-weight category Categorie zwaargewicht 35-40 The truck with license C7IWVI has number 3 when viewed from behind, and 13 when viewed from the front. Comic Error
50 Challenge on the ramparts Uitdaging op de wallen 4 "Beroemste" should be "beroemdste". Comic Error
6 "Verwitting" should be "verwittigd". Comic Error
19 "Verdient" should be "verdiend". Comic Error
34 "Verdient" should be "verdiend". Comic Error
48 "Verknalt" should be "verknald". Comic Error
51 The braggart of Francorchamps De bluffer van Francorchamps 22 One time "publiek" too many... Comic Error
52 F 3000 F 3000 1 Translation error: I presume the original was "ils vont" which means "they go", in stead it became "they walk", something they obviously don't do. Comic Error
15 "Michel could not think that his words..."? Michel didn't say a thing, it was Jean-Pierre who did the talking. Comic Error
53 The night of Carnac De nacht van Carnac 26, 28, 36 Two boats have number 17, but that is corrected later, when one gets number 1. Comic Error
54 The Bugatti case De zaak Bugatti 8 "Moterracen" should be "Motorracen". Comic Error
17 Alain Dex first has a badge with his name in "typed" letters, and a few frames later his name is embroided directly on his jacket.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
23-39 The numbering on nr. 16 is on a different place. Comic Error
55 A crazy history Een gekke geschiedenis 12 The wardrobe next to the door disappears. Comic Error
13 The shelves on the right in the wardrobe disappear. Comic Error
24-25 A Vaillante and a Mazda both have number 55. By the way, take a good look at the Vaillante's mirrors. Do you think one can see anything through them? Comic Error
39-44 "She has fooled us"? He couldn't know that yet, the explanation is on p. 44. Comic Error
56 The master of the world De man aan de top 13-43 The moustache of one of the group of wise man disappears slowly. Comic Error
57 Trace of Jade Sporen van Jade A miscalculation in the timing. (US time depends on the time-zone of course). Jade's "three days ago" is not possible. Comic Error
58 Paddock Paddock 7, 8, 18 Father Vaillant obviously doesn't speak English - yet he reads three Australian newspapers. In English I presume. Comic Error
59 The prisoner De gevangene 22, 25, 39 Poor translation-job. "Leider" should be "Leader". It's a brand, so it shouldn't have been translated. Comic Error
46 No, a "Leader Marathon" is not used in "Trace of Jade" (Nr. 57). It was a "street" version of the "Leader Rally" of p. 48. Look at the wheels for example. Comic Error
60 Forgotten victories Vergeten overwinningen 21 He puts on a "blue" bonnet? To me that looks like red. Comic Error
61 The fever of Bercy Spanning in Bercy 21 The CD drive moves from bay 3 to bay 2. Comic Error
62 The $pon$or De $pon$or 4 Though the Ferrari is almost photographically correct, at the left a part of the aerodynamics is missing. Comic Error
10 The new Vaillante's have white-on-blue wings. But in most cases they have blue-on-white ones, and they even change during a race.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
25-41 When drawing cars after photographs, it's a good idea to use pictures from the same car. Check the chrome strip on the bumper, and the sprayers for the headlight. And compare the license plates as well. Comic Error
35-36 The burning Vaillante Opale is standing in front of a white wall on p. 35, and in front of an overgrown wall on p.36. Comic Error
63 Cairo! Cairo! 13 Gabriele talks to Yves: "I will never pass him", but "the guy from Marseille needed one second of visibility to pass". So who's driving? Comic Error
64 Operation Mirage Operatie Mirage 41 Françoise is wearing a blue sweater with white collar. Except in one frame, where it is all white.
(credits: Michel Vaillant fan club)
Comic Error
44 The lady suddenly lacks the white "V"-shaped piece of clothing she had on the previous, and will have on the next page. Comic Error
65 The trial De beproeving 9 20 countries, but only 19 are mentioned. Comic Error
30 The results from Francorchamps are not clear, but depending on Fisichella's position there his total number of points should be 2 to 6, and not 1.
Where did Van Houten get his 5 points from?
According to the book these are the results (Francorchamps is in the order the pilots are mentioned). Count for yourself..
Comic Error
34 Jolijn (usually called Françoise) has a camera hanging around her neck. The belt just stops halfway her back.. Comic Error
39 According to the newspaper Warson is no longer on top - but he still is. Comic Error
66 100.000.000$ for Steve Warson 100.000.000$ voor Steve Warson 10 "8 cil in V onder 900" should be "8 cil. in V onder 90º". Comic Error
17 What happened to the tail-lights of both cars? Comic Error
27 "het kopgroep" should be "de kopgroep". Comic Error
67 For David Voor David 21 Headlights of cars produce an assymetric beam. The example shown is for left-side driving. Comic Error
21 The lines on Julie's shoulder are colored incorrectly. Comic Error
25-48 The coloring of the uniforms is chaotic. The blue line goes to the right shoulder, or the left. There is some blue on the shoulder itself, or not. Comic Error
68 China Moon China Moon 12 The entrance had 51 painted on it, now it's 50. Comic Error
14 "volgens" should be "volgen". Comic Error
40 14 bends? They are numbered from 1 to... 16. Comic Error
69 Hell alongside the circuit De hel naast het circuit 4 So does the Ford overtake the truck via the left or the right? Comic Error
32 Are they sure it's the right front that is damaged? Comic Error

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