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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Black Friday Zwarte Vrijdag 26 The wrist-watch, on his left wrist, is gone while he holds his hands against his head. Comic Error
2 Where the Indian goes Waar de Indiaan gaat 33 "aan lijf klit" should be "aan mijn lijf klit". Comic Error
39 Look at the angles of the roof. To be able to point the lights on XIII, the spotlights should be at least a hundred meters away from the house, at the angle shown the light wouldn't be able to touch him. Comic Error
41 In a helicopter the pilot sits at the right hand side. Comic Error
3 All tears of hell Alle tranen van de hel 47 Yes, a Harrier is a VTOL-plane (Vertical Take Off and Landing). No, it is not supersonic, it is subsonic. Comic Error
4 SPADS SPADS 3 That is not a XIII, that is a XVII. The drawing is correct, the text is not. Comic Error
13 "u" should be "uw". Comic Error
5 Red Alert Rood Alarm 19 The phrase "Dus 't gaat van dik hout zaagt men planken" simply makes no sense. Comic Error
6 The Jason Fly files Het dossier Jason Fly 6 The nurse's legs are not colored Comic Error
8 Thirteen contra one Dertien contra één 4-5 The lines on the president's tie change direction. Comic Error
5-6 Several books, pictures and picture-frames have changed color. Comic Error
15-27 Same car, different license plate Comic Error
22 "togeter" should be "together". Comic Error
27 Notice that the break lights are not at the same level, left and right. Comic Error
9 For Maria Voor Maria 10 The "S" of the STOP sign is not mirrored. Comic Error
10 El Cascador El Cascador 28 Not "Ortiz' children", but "Santos' children". But the publishers found it themselves. Comic Error
45 Just try to hold a gun at this angle, without having one or two extra joints in your arm.
(credits: Steven Van Dyck)
Comic Error
11 Three silver watches Drie zilveren horloges 12 Why is XIII so surprised to hear the name Giordino? It's clearly on the family tree he so carefully studied earlier. Comic Error
39 "100.00" should be "100.000". Comic Error
12 The trial Het vonnis 10 The "S" of the STOP sign is not mirrored. Comic Error
15 Let the dogs loose! Laat de honden los! 12 Compare the two pictures, and you'll see the second train could never turn right there. Comic Error
24 The Bronco can never have the silhouette it has on p.25. Look at the weapons below. Comic Error
16 Operation Montechristo Operatie Montechristo 22 Spencer's tie was blue while he was still at the office, or outside his car at the front door. Comic Error
28 The guy claims that the barracks are upstream from the dam. They are downstream. Comic Error
17 Maximilian's gold Het goud van Maximiliaan 44 The crook's sleeves have various sizes. Comic Error

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