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Wayne Shelton - Wild flight - Wouter Goudswaard - Wyoming Doll  -

Wayne Shelton
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 The Mission De Missie 9 The conversation makes more sense if you shuffle the text around a little. Comic Error
2 The treason Het verraad 10 Mrs. Muraj's bracelet is gone. Comic Error
3 The contract Het contract 7 Wayne's watch appears out of nowhere Comic Error
33 The garter wasn't there only a second ago. Comic Error
4 The survivor De overlevende 23 There's not supposed to be an accent on Garuda. Comic Error
35 Shelton didn't have a watch on his left arm. Comic Error
45 Wayne didn't have a watch on his left arm. Comic Error
56 The watch on Wayne's left arm is gone. Comic Error
5 The revenge De wraak 48 Hooker's watch suddenly disappears. Comic Error
6 The hostage De gijzelaar 10 "de deze" should be "deze". Comic Error
7 The lance of Longinus De lans van Longinus 3 "Deutsland" should be "Deutschland". Comic Error
5 The Nazi-symbol on the plane is mirrored. The book has the correct version. Comic Error
32 "...ik soms aanvechting heb om..." should be "...ik soms de aanvechting heb om...". Comic Error
42 The Nazi-symbol on the ring is mirrored. Comic Error

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