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Vae Victis - Valerian - Voyageurs -

Vae Victis
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Amber, Crassus' banquet Amber, het banket van Crassus 14 This is the first time Pompeius' name is spelled correctly. Comic Error
26 "gebeurd" should be "gebeurt". Comic Error
28 "jouw" should be "jou". Comic Error
2 Cloduar, the legionary Cloduar, de legionair 24 Caesar was clearly wearing a ring at his right hand. Comic Error
27 The Romans come from the right, but in the overview they come from the left. Comic Error
3 Garak, the thief Garak, de dief 37 "zend" should be "zendt". Comic Error
6 Boadicae, the savage she-warrior Boadicae, de woeste krijgsvrouw 40, 41, 42 The rings on Caesar's right hand seem to come and go all the time. Comic Error

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