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Quick & Flupke - Quintett -

Quick & Flupke
(See also: Comics)
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Forbidden games Verboden spelletjes 11 A very nice coffee-table. With no sugar-pot but two milk-cans. Comic Error
43 One of the "headlights" of the car is missing. Comic Error
2 Nothing going on Niks aan de hand 4-5 The airplane's steering wheel is gone. Comic Error
4 Hoist all sails Alle zeilen bij 42-43 Flupke's pants' color changes from red to black. Comic Error
5 Each in his turn Ieder op zijn beurt 37 The electricity poles are on the wrong side of the railroad, from one page to another. Comic Error
6 Kill or cure Erop of erover 5 Quick has lost his belt. Comic Error
7 Sorry Madam Pardon Mevrouw 16 "antwoord" should be "antwoordt". Comic Error
9 What a disaster! Wat een ramp! 16 Flupke's sleeve was torn just a frame ago... Comic Error

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