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Natacha (Natasja)
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Air-stewardess Lucht-stewardess 27-28 From one page to another the chief and the medicine man get some feathers on their headgear. Comic Error
33 If you look at the motion he makes with his arm (and the position of his hand), you'll notice he should have the wound in the palm of his hand. Comic Error
2 and the Maharajah en de Maharadja 4-5 The support for the wings disappears. Comic Error
3 The metal memory Het metalen geheugen 9 There is not so much snow on the windshield. But after she leaves it's all over. Comic Error
28 "stweward" should be "steward". Comic Error
4 A throne from the sky Een troon uit de lucht 7-8 The lamp on the desk comes and goes. Comic Error
7 The flight with Mona Lisa De vlucht met Mona Lisa 3 "Sint James" should be "Saint James". Comic Error
22 It all happened in 1912, but the pilots that attacked them were war veterans from World War I. Which was a bit later as far as I know. Comic Error
37 A red and a blue car are gone. Counting from the back, on the first image you see white - blue - red - blue - white - yellow. Comic Error
40 "Stewart" should be "Steward". Comic Error
8 Recordings for Caltech Opnamen voor Caltech 3 I could be wrong, but a flight indicated by "BAxxx" is from British Airways. Comic Error
10 A remote island Een afgelegen eiland 12 Walter's watch is on his right wrist, only for one frame. Comic Error
11 The bet De weddenschap 4 "verteld" should be "vertelt". Comic Error
24 "bijg bijgetankt" obviously has a bit of text too much. Comic Error
33 The airline's name is washed off of the top of the wings.
(credits: Tout sur le journal de Spirou)
Comic Error
40 The Mexican Gulf is a sea, not a part of the land. Comic Error
12 The brutish brats De brute broekjes 38 "...wat daar..." should be "... wat ze daar...". Comic Error
44 "...laten dat..." should be "... laten weten dat...". Comic Error
13 Asylum in de sky Asiel in de ruimte 3 The phone can only dial 9 digits. Comic Error
23 "gegalopeerd" should be "gegaloppeerd". Comic Error
26 Someone has rebuilt the instrument panel next to the door. Comic Error
16 The blonde angel De blonde engel 7 The holes for the cigarettes seem to shift places. Comic Error
15 Suddenly the ash-tray can be used by 4 smokers. Comic Error
17 The black widow De zwarte weduwe 26 Too much translation: the airline's flights are "BDxyz". "BD" (=comic) translated in Dutch is "strip". In this case though it shouldn't have been translated. Comic Error
19 The sea of rocks De rotsenzee 13 The wipers cannot leave these traces. Comic Error
27 According to the story those numbers refer to pages in a book. Quite many for page zero... Comic Error
20 Atoll 66 Atoll 66 19 Walter's watch is gone from his left wrist. Comic Error
28 A piece of the phrase is missing: those retarded who? Comic Error
33 Walter's watch is gone again. Comic Error
37 The policeman's watch vanishes for a moment. Comic Error
38 And now the police commissioner's watch disappears. Comic Error
39 Walter has lost his watch in the darkness, it seems. Comic Error
45 And once more Walter has lost his watch. Comic Error

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