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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 The loopholes De mazen van de wet 44-45 There is no lamp-post or fire-hydrant near where the limo made a U-turn, then how can it have hit them? Comic Error
2 The Hagen-strategy De Hagen-strategie 4 Moshe or Mosje? Comic Error
32-33 The car, out of control, crushes through the safety-fence. Which is then immediately undamaged. Comic Error
32-33 The same car that crashes through the safety fence clearly does so in a left curve. But when Larry gets up, he is in a right curve. Comic Error
5 Silicia inc. Silicia inc. 28 "Silicina" should be "Silicia". Comic Error
6 The corrupter De omkoper 47 I doubt the comments on the pictures would be in French ("Juge" in stead of "Judge"). Comic Error
7 Corporate America Corporate America 3 His father's private jet wasn't a jet. Comic Error
9 Roman relations Romeinse betrekkingen 31 "Carabean" should be "Caribbean". Comic Error

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