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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 The last island Het laatste eiland 43 Amaldor's bandage on his right arm is gone. Comic Error
2 The pisoner of eternity De gevangene van de eeuwigheid 3 "bijgenaand" should be "bijgenaamd". Comic Error
5 Ardelia's law De wet van Ardelia 44-48 Valsary says the code for Moloch 2 is the name of his son: Hans. But Hans is just a nickname, we learned in the first book - and in the error of book 2. Comic Error
8 The face of the monster Het gezicht van het monster 27 Ysar's jewel is already a lot smaller on the next page. Comic Error
9 The princess of Ultis De princes van Ultis 16 The prince has a very long nail on his little fingers. But not now. Comic Error
26 The golden ring on his little finger is not there. Comic Error
35 The prince has a ring on his ring finger, but before they were on his little finger and his middle finger. Comic Error

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