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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
35 Simon the dancer - the landing of the lost ships Simon de danser - de rede der verloren schepen 22 Is the captain wearing gloves or not? Comic Error
31 What happened to the attacker's knives? Comic Error
40 Felix - The haunted cave Felix - De Duivelsgrot 7 "betaald" should be " betaalt". Comic Error
47 Simon the dancer - the ponds of Xiballa Simon de danser - de vijvers van Xiballa 7 "Ik mag! Toch wel een beetje lol trappen!" should be "Ik mag toch wel een beetje lol trappen!". Comic Error
48 Thomas Pips - The green key Thomas Pips - De groene sleutel 3 "nodigd" should be "nodigt". Comic Error
10 Thomas talks, but they are the other man's words. Comic Error
10 What happened to the man's moustache? Comic Error
14 How can he know this? Since he received his instructions he hasn't even been out? Comic Error
26 "100.00" should be "100.000". Comic Error
27 "zal ik behouden buiten brengen" should be "zal ik jullie behouden buiten brengen". Comic Error
38 "Verbrandt" should be "Verbrand". Comic Error
45 "vier de van zes" should be "vier van de zes". Comic Error
49 Eagle Claw - the treason of Grey Moose Arendsklauw - het verraad van Grijze Eland 6 Two strips were exchanged. Comic Error
15 They heard a sound made by Grey Moose, but Grey Moose wasn't standing there at all. Comic Error
52 Bessy - The last well Bessy - De laatste bron 6-7 Is Tsako's name Tsoka or Stako? Comic Error

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