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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 The airplane from Nanga Het vliegtuig van Nanga 7 There is a porthole missing in the second frame, right behind the cockpit. Comic Error
11-41 The Kakatoe has an ever changing number of portholes. Comic Error
14 Guam, Pearl Harbor and so on are not in the Mediterranean Sea... Comic Error
2 The shelter of the Katana De schuilplaats van de Katana 10 "Choum" seems to get fuller the more you drink from it. Comic Error
3 Death in transit Dood in transit 27 The barrel in front of the building disappears. Comic Error
31 When you compare the position of the glasses on the shelves with that of the wicker bottle, you'll notice the top-shelf has moved to the left. Comic Error
8 The Damned De Verdoemden 7 There are two arches next to the stairs. However, seen from a distance there are a lot more. Comic Error
10 "hem" (=him)? Shouldn't that be "hen" (=them)? Comic Error

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