Sneak Preview

I seem to be collecting quite some pictures from live performances. Mostly rock-music, but not only, not always musicians even. I’ve been selecting and organisingRead more

Striped Tent

It was in one of those ugly tents, white-and-red striped, they held their small town rock festival. And the light setup consisted of a bunchRead more


For an assignment for school I needed a series. What tied them together was up to us. Hm. Didn’t find anything better than to makeRead more


This really is a snapshot. It’s not even sharp, I had to pull quite some tricks to make it seem close enough to sharp. ButRead more

Philippine boy

I was on vacation in the Philippines. First time in the tropics, first time in Asia – a whole new world, with new impressions everywhere,Read more


For this assignment I needed four different shots: close-up, head&shoulders, three quarters, and full body. I decided to have some sort of a theme ofRead more

Pretty pleased

For the same assignement as this one, this was just a try-out. I had brought just a flower for props, and a vague idea ofRead more


“Show some emotion”, was the assignment. Okay, some hard light from her left, a little bit of adjusting to get mostly the hands right, andRead more

Smooth Flavour

I was asked to make a few pictures of this band. That’s a first, so I felt a wee bit of pressure… And then thoughRead more


An assignment for evening class: “fill a square” with a portrait. Marie-Laurence was so kind as to pose for me 🙂

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