Faster than the wind

The goal was to make some pictures of a land sailing race. While going there the rain was not exactly promising, but once there theRead more

One single grave

More than 50,000 graves, all identical. Even those of the very few German soldiers among the thousands of British, sleeping there forever. And perhaps theRead more

Larry Roland

Though it looks like one, this is actually no portrait. Larry Roland (bass) was playing with Charles Gayle (sax, piano), live, when he stood thereRead more


This is Cha Istikar (I hope I’m spelling it right), the owner of Exotic Master, a shop selling food from all over the globe, inRead more


Bart is a bass- and guitar player in a few bands, and teaches music, but when I asked him how he wanted his portrait takenRead more


I guess the Arc De Triomphe, together with the Eiffel-tower, are among the most photographed buildings in Paris. On the outside mostly. I thought theRead more


This was for an assignment for evening class. No real “rules” as to what kind of picture it would have to be. So I wentRead more

10 steps to a decent concert picture

Not that I wish to claim that I’m the authority in concert photography, certainly not. Or that I have tons of experience. Certainly not. ButRead more


Angelo Branduardi played in a city-festival, and to be honest I didn’t intend to stay at this one show. The music was enchanting though, soRead more

Sneak Preview

I seem to be collecting quite some pictures from live performances. Mostly rock-music, but not only, not always musicians even. I’ve been selecting and organisingRead more

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