“I’m not photogenic”, she said. Oh, so this lovely shot is purely the skill of my camera then, and perhaps a little of me too.

It’s surprising how often I hear that, or a variation of it. “I’m not photogenic”. Usually I reply with something like “then you never met a good photographer”, but that’s not really it. Why do people believe that if not every picture of them is worth to be put in a glossy magazine, they are not photogenic? Perhaps because they have no idea how much preparation and work goes into those kinds of images? Perhaps because on Facebook and Instagram only near perfection (well, in the eye of the poster at least… 🙂 ) is posted? Perhaps because commercials taught us that the average person is perfect, so you are way below average…

Anyway. A sunny day, a shady spot, a reflection screen and a not-photogenic model can produce quite acceptable results, I think.

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