Tamira and Fred

Tamira and Fred were kind enough to let me follow their wedding photographer during their wedding, the entire day. This was an opportunity I have been waiting for (and not just waiting) for quite some time, so I happily overthrew my schedule for that 🙂 I made pictures at weddings before, but as a guest, not with any pressure on me (even if I wasn’t really the photographer), and this was the first time I was present during the photo-shoot of the couple. I don’t want to know how many pictures I made during the day (too many), nor how many of them I like (too few), but I’m rather pleased with this one. The couple, both beer-lovers (not drunks!), agreed to have their shoot in an old brewerey not too far from where I live, and despite the horrible lights these barrels combined with the sparkles between them painted a nice image.

One Response to “Tamira and Fred”

  1. Piroska says:

    Not only a great picture, a superb photographer, but also a true poetical!

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