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Acoustic Knights

There were supposed to be 15 jazz- and blues-bands in 15 cafés on and around the “Grote Markt” in Antwerp that night. I knew aboutRead more


Last Sunday in Antwerp I went to see a rock band, and came a little earlier to see a Burundese artist called Jérémie Hakeshimana. MusicRead more


At a live show you’re never sure what will happen. Musicians jump around, smoke may come or not and create great effects or just not,Read more


One of the advantages of going to smaller festivals is that one sometimes gets surprised by totally unknown bands (like The Rhythm Beats for example),Read more

The Rhythm Beats, another one of them

Lately I aim to have a few pictures of the musicians with a spot behind them. Tends to give a nice halo. And once inRead more

The Rhythm Beats, one of them at least.

Practising your camera-skills can be real fun when you’re combining that with something else you like. Like attending a concert, even if it is onRead more

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