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Just toying around a bit with simple speedlight setups. It’s surprisingly simple to do, and surprisingly difficult to get something decent that first time. GoodRead more


For an assignment for school I needed a series. What tied them together was up to us. Hm. Didn’t find anything better than to makeRead more


For this assignment I needed four different shots: close-up, head&shoulders, three quarters, and full body. I decided to have some sort of a theme ofRead more

Pretty pleased

For the same assignement as this one, this was just a try-out. I had brought just a flower for props, and a vague idea ofRead more


“Show some emotion”, was the assignment. Okay, some hard light from her left, a little bit of adjusting to get mostly the hands right, andRead more


An assignment for evening class: “fill a square” with a portrait. Marie-Laurence was so kind as to pose for me 🙂


My first kids’ photoshoot ever. An assignment for school, and the parents – an ex colleague and his wife – had asked if I couldRead more


This was just a small excercise during evening class, to get a feel for the different effects different studio-spots could give. I didn’t even botherRead more


The assignment was: take an existing picture, doesn’t matter where it is from, but make sure you understand how the lighting is done. Then recreateRead more

Photography Class

An assignment in photography class. I saw a set of images in a restaurant, and I wanted to try something similar. Imagine a hundred similarRead more

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